Thanks to modern dentistry, there are many effective ways to obtain a straighter smile. At Melton Dental, we're proud to offer FASTBRACES to our patients and their families. This patented technology comprises wires and metal brackets designed to move the teeth by the roots instead of the crown, speeding up the teeth-straightening process. This is typically a 4 – 6-month treatment. It is ideal for teenagers or adults who seek a safe and efficient treatment option to straighten their teeth without committing to a longer process, like traditional metal braces or clear aligners. Adults and teenagers alike throughout Helena, MT have been able to enjoy a straighter, transformed smile in a shorter amount of time, thanks to FASTBRACES technology!

Patients who are deemed ideal candidates for FASTBRACES at Melton Dental should expect the installation to be similar to traditional metal braces. During your appointments, Dr. Melton will mount brackets on the individual's teeth that are connected by wires. Similar to traditional orthodontics, these wires and brackets help realign the teeth. But unlike regular braces, the FASTBRACES procedure at our Helena, MT office features triangle-shaped brackets and flexible wires to straighten the tooth's root and crown. This means the entire process will be accelerated with better results than traditional orthodontics. Roots and crowns will begin straightening soon following FASTBRACES installation, and the entire process may be complete in as little as 120 days.

At Melton Dental, we often remind Helena, MT patients to consider the many benefits that FASTBRACES can provide them, including:

  • Increased self-efficacy for your appearance and smile
  • Individualized treatment options based on your unique needs
  • Relatively comfortable aligner option
  • Quick and lasting repair for crooked teeth and misaligned bites

I have a great experience every time I go to my appointments - Dr. Melton is genuine and understanding, his staff is also very nice and welcoming. I would highly recommend Melton Dental to anyone in town!

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Dr. Melton is awesome. So is the staff.

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Dr. Melton and staff are awesome. Very kind, helpful and honest. Very pleased with their service. Highly recommend Dr. Melton.

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Teens and adults who desire a faster alternative to traditional orthodontics may be good candidates for FASTBRACES. This solution can be well-suited for resolving poor tooth alignment (an underbite, open bite, overbite, or crossbite), a narrow arch, crooked or overcrowded teeth, and spaces between teeth. Treating these issues could enhance jaw function, comfort, and eating and speaking abilities. During your visit to Melton Dental, our team will take digital x-rays and perform an assessment to help decide if FASTBRACES are an ideal choice for your goals.


Like with any orthodontic treatment, there may be some soreness during the adjustment period. However, many patients report minimal discomfort with FASTBRACES. Dr. Melton can offer tips for managing issues at home, including over-the-counter pain relievers. Applying wax to the brackets can also prevent irritation.

Can I eat normally with FASTBRACES?

While you can eat normally with FASTBRACES, our team at Melton Dental recommends avoiding hard or sticky foods. These can potentially damage the braces and prolong your treatment time. Do not chew on ice or hard objects like pencils or pens, and brush your teeth after every meal to ensure food doesn't get stuck in the brackets.

How do I brush my teeth with FASTBRACES?

Patients in Helena, MT, can brush their teeth normally with FASTBRACES. Of course, it is important to be extra careful and thorough when brushing around the brackets and wires. Tools like interdental brushes and water picks can also help reach difficult areas. This will ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy throughout the duration of your treatment.

Straightening your teeth doesn't have to be a lengthy treatment. At Melton Dental, we're pleased to offer the most innovative orthodontic techniques, including FASTBRACES patented technology. Contact our Helena, MT office, and schedule your appointment today to find out if you or your child could qualify for this treatment.

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