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Research has shown that poor oral habits starting at age three may cause improper jaw development, leading to crooked teeth. At Melton Dental, Myobrace is a holistic, pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on correcting these habits in children ages 3 – 15. The removable Myobrace appliance is worn overnight and for a short period of time each day. The device is used to improve nose breathing function, swallowing, and tongue placement, which helps widen the jaw and allows sufficient space for the growth of permanent teeth. Dr. Sean Melton can provide more information and a Myobrace fitting during an appointment at our office in Helena, MT.

Dr. Melton thoroughly examines your child's facial characteristics, paying close attention to any irregularities and misalignments in their teeth and jaw. He then creates impressions of your child's teeth, which are used to formulate a custom-made treatment plan aimed at guiding their facial development. After the personalized appliance is prepared, a follow-up appointment at our office is necessary. During this visit, Dr. Melton ensures the device fits correctly and gives detailed instructions for care at home. The intraoral appliance, intended for overnight use and an additional 1 – 2 hours daily, is a crucial part of the regimen. Furthermore, your child is required to engage in daily oral exercises that aid in enhancing swallowing, breathing, and mouth development. Adhering to the treatment protocol is vital for achieving the desired outcomes. The duration of the Myobrace treatment varies from one individual to another, and it may involve multiple appliances throughout the treatment period.

There are several advantages Myobrace appliances offer our Helena, MT patients. One of the most significant advantages is addressing minor issues before they become major ones. Some additional benefits of Myobrace include:

  • Lessens damage to teeth
  • No permanent retainers
  • Straightens teeth
  • Comfortable
  • Prevents crooked teeth
  • No braces
  • Removable
  • Addresses issues related to airway dysfunction, like TMJ, sleep apnea, and teeth grinding

Such kind people! the job got done quick and easy. I felt comfortable and couldn’t appreciate them enough!

J.L. Google

Very professional, kind, caring & painless. Both Dr. Melton & Mae are the absolute best!

T.M. Google

Our Adult Special Needs son recently saw Dr Melton & his staff. They were more than kind & interested in making Jason’s visit as comfortable as possible. Thank You so much.

L.A. Google

I had an emergency during a holiday weekend and they were the only office between Helena and Bozeman that would help. Since that time, I’ve been going to Dr. Melton. He’s thorough and makes sure there is no pain during procedures. His staff is wonderful too. Highly recommend!

C.M. Google

I have been coming to Melton Dental for Care a few years now. There is a reason Why I stay getting care from here; Staff has always been amazing and they always make sure I am comfortable and I always feel heard. My teeth are well taken care of! Thank You Melton Dental Staff for being professional and considerate of my needs!

E.L. Google


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Addressing your child's dental health early on is key to reducing the risk of developing crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw. Opting for the Myobrace treatment could potentially avoid the need for more expensive procedures in the future, such as braces or tooth extractions. To discover whether your teen or child is a suitable candidate for Myobrace or another advanced orthodontic option, consider booking a consultation at Melton Dental in Helena, MT.

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