Bruxism in Helena, MT

Bruxism is the term to describe teeth grinding and clenching. A lot of people grind their teeth, a lot of times unintentionally during the day or during their sleep cycle, because of stress and anxiousness or a crooked bite and certain medications. Even though periodic teeth grinding typically is not an issue, regular teeth grinding can ruin and deteriorate your teeth or initiate troublesome issues, like TMD (temporomandibular disorder), that impact the jaw. At Melton Dental, Dr. Sean Melton offers diagnosis and practical therapy choices for teeth grinding and clenching, such as protective mouth guards to wear during the night. Reach out to our Helena, MT facility for more information, and arrange a consultation to tackle bruxism and safeguard the health of your mouth.

Based on your specific circumstance, Dr. Melton will create an individualized bruxism treatment plan. If there is tooth damage, such as broken or cracked teeth, these situations may need to be sorted out before moving on. The standard treatment for bruxism involves custom-made night guards to be worn at night. These guards shield your teeth from harm while you sleep. A portion of patients might be advised to receive splints, which are hard acrylic materials put on the lower or upper teeth to obstruct teeth clenching and grinding. In addition to these therapy choices, anxiety and stress management can also aid in the reduction of teeth grinding and improve overall health.

Treatment for bruxism, an ailment characterized by teeth clenching or grinding, delivers a few different remarkable advantages for individuals in Helena, MT, such as:

  • Blocks problems, including TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders)
  • Elevates sleep quality
  • Prohibits tooth injuries due to wear and tear on the teeth
  • Elevates quality of life by diminishing symptoms and connected discomfort
  • Reduces teeth grinding-induced headaches and pain in the face
  • Lessens jaw discomfort and stress

Such kind people! the job got done quick and easy. I felt comfortable and couldn’t appreciate them enough!

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Very professional, kind, caring & painless. Both Dr. Melton & Mae are the absolute best!

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I had an emergency during a holiday weekend and they were the only office between Helena and Bozeman that would help. Since that time, I’ve been going to Dr. Melton. He’s thorough and makes sure there is no pain during procedures. His staff is wonderful too. Highly recommend!

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I have been coming to Melton Dental for Care a few years now. There is a reason Why I stay getting care from here; Staff has always been amazing and they always make sure I am comfortable and I always feel heard. My teeth are well taken care of! Thank You Melton Dental Staff for being professional and considerate of my needs!

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Teeth grinding will harm your teeth and contribute to more alarming ailments, such as temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which leads to headaches, aching jaw, sleep disruptions, and more. With useful therapy solutions, like custom mouth guards and splints, Dr. Melton will help preserve your teeth and extend comfort from the trauma and unhappiness resulting from bruxism. For more information or to ask about a visit, get in touch with our Helena, MT location without delay.

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