What Is Reconstructive Dentistry?

Reconstructive dentistry is described by the name itself. The purpose of this type of dentistry is to reconstruct your smile. Where this gets confusing is when considering cosmetic dentistry, which is different. Cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with aesthetics, such as getting your teeth whitened or having veneers placed on your teeth. That is not to say that your appearance won't be improved after reconstructive dentistry, but that is not the primary goal. Dr. Sean Melton provides both types of dentistry, but in this article, we will focus the discussion on our reconstructive dentistry services in Helena, MT.

Reasons you may need reconstructive dentistry

When you have an injury to the face that causes damage to your teeth, or simply have damaged teeth due to wear from age, reconstructive dentistry is the service you may need. Some reasons to consult with our reconstructive dentistry provider in Helena, MT may be:

Normal decay of teeth: Perhaps you have a hole in a tooth that is causing pain and you don't know exactly why. Decay eats away at your teeth from everyday habits. We can remove the part of your tooth (or teeth) that is decayed and restore it to full function.

Damaged and or missing teeth: If you have suffered a traumatic injury to the face that knocked out a tooth or chipped it, or have tooth loss as a result of not-so-great dental hygiene, reconstructive dentistry can help with this.

Problems with your bite: Issues that cause an improper bite or other problems with the mechanics of your teeth and jaw can lead to headaches, TMJ disorders, and sleep apnea. Reconstructive dentistry may be able to correct these issues.

Preventive measures: Preventive dental health, including consistent good oral hygiene habits, is the number one way to maintain a healthy mouth. But, things happen. Despite your best efforts, you may have oral issues down the line. Reconstructive dentistry services can protect bad things from happening to your teeth. It can also address any current issues and prevent them from getting worse.

Reconstructive dentistry in Helena, MT

These services may save you a lot of money in the long term. They also might save you from a lot of pain and discomfort as well as needing to go to a lot of dentist appointments in the future. While the primary purpose of reconstructive dentistry is not an aesthetic one, you will no doubt look better, feel better, and enjoy your new smile for years to come. Dr. Melton has the experience and know-how needed to help make you look and feel the best you can. Contact us today for more information about our reconstructive dentistry services in Helena, MT.

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